offering a range of services around the development and validation of novel speech biomarkers



Unlocking the potential of speech

We consult companies on how to integrate speech as a measurement into their trials or proof of concept studies. From the hypothesis of what concept of interest you want to measure, we help define the protocol of speech tasks that will be used, the clinical anchors and the method of assessment.



Getting new insights

To unlock new insights from already existing data, we work with speech that was collected in previous studies – either for primary use or for e.g. quality control purposes.

After assessing what knowledge can be created given the available data, we perform analysis either on our secure infrastructure or as a service provider in your infrastructure and deliver a detailed scientific report on our findings.



Creating something awesome together

After a proof of concept, we also partner with companies to co-create full solutions around new speech biomarkers.

In these long-term partnerships, we develop algorithms or software based on either existing assets or even based on a number of future assets, such as data that will be collected.
A result of co-development could be a new biomarker to be e.g., used as an endpoint.


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