Deploying speech
biomarkers in




Mili is a highly configurable digital solution for the design, administration, and remote conduction of studies collecting speech in the field of medicine and pharmacy. Mili is based on ki:e’s universal speech task approach and therefore covers speech tasks usable for a broad range of therapeutic areas.
Meeting patients where


The patient-facing element of the Mili system prioritizes patient comfort and ease. The Mili App, designed for both in-clinic and at-home use, offers an intuitive experience on personal mobile devices, ensuring patients can easily carry out speech assessments from any location.
Similarly, the Mili Phone system simplifies participation to just a phone call, removing technological barriers and making health assessments accessible to everyone. Mili Phone consists of two interfaces: Automated and Assisted. The Mili Automated Phone interface enables the remote collection of data at large scale, whereas the Mili Assisted Phone interface moves its focus towards accessibility, as patients are guided by a human during an in-clinic assessment.
voice_assistantMili Phoneki:elements


: when to use what
Mili Automated Phone
For participants who are not particularly


or when only

acoustic stimuli

are needed.
Mili Assisted Phone
For participants who might

need human guidance

throughout the assessment.
Mili App
For participants who own and know how to use

smart devices

and when

visual stimuli

are needed.


Mili phone is a patient-facing frontend that does not require any setup or installation from the participant. It is no device, no app, no tool – it’s a simple phone call. Click on the video to listen to a sample automated phone call with Mili for MCI screening.


Mili App is the App frontend that can be used in in-clinic settings or by patients on their own mobile devices at home. It is designed with participants in mind keeping it as intuitive and easy to use as possible. View an example Mili App assessment for a MCI screening and get an idea about the app.

command center

for study design and administration
Mili Kokpit is our advanced web-based interface designed for researchers and clinical teams to streamline the process of planning, managing, and monitoring studies, particularly in clinical settings.
Integration with Speech Biomarkers and Predictive Models

We incorporate ki:elements’ speech biomarkers into the platform allowing for sophisticated data analysis and patient monitoring and utilize predictive models, which are essential in forecasting patient outcomes based on the collected data.

Real-Time and Scheduled Data Collection

Team members are able to collect data in real time, triggering in-clinic assessments with Mili Phone or Mili App or to schedule calls and app notifications for at-home assessments.

Scalability and Versatility

Mili Kokpit’s design is suitable for a wide range of studies, from small-scale research to large, multi-center trials, and can adapt to different study sizes and complexities.



handling of all data

Mili and all integrated ki:elements components are developed under our internal quality management system, following strict guidelines and principles, such as GDPR, ISO 13485:2016, FDA 21 CFR part 11 & part 820.70 and computer system validation (CSV).

Mili is fit for purpose to be used in highly regulated environments, like clinical drug trials.

Start collecting

speech data

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