A digital approach to cognitive testing based on AI

∆elta is an iPad app that digitalises classical neuropsychological assessment using
Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With ∆elta, assessment becomes more standardized,
smarter and faster.

Assuming traditional and valid standards

∆elta implements a wide range of classic neuropsychological tests. These tests are valid and accepted best practice; ∆elta keeps their proven principles and valid scoring mechanisms but adds a digital touch.

Scoring of tests is done automatically through innovative speech analysis but can be edited manually, so that clinicians stay in control of the diagnostic process.

Tapping into AI to support the clinicians’ work

∆elta scores tests by automatically analysing data (speech, pencil and tactile). Based on recent advances in AI, ∆elta uses improved speech analysis and machine learning. Beyond traditional metrics, ∆elta extracts novel markers based on cutting-edge neuropsychological research.

Find out more how ∆elta advances clinical research and early detection of cognitive decline (Research).

Cutting on overhead, gaining in diagnosis time

∆elta unclutters the assessment workflow by replacing lengthy paper-based documentation, cumbersome lookups in scoring tables and piles of unhandy testing material. At the touch of a button, ∆elta compiles test analyses into a digital report formatted to your clinic’s guidelines.

∆elta takes over the tiresome documentation work and frees up attention for what really matters: the patient.

Providing a new level of data quality and diagnostic reliability

A neurocognitive test performed with ∆elta is fully recorded and securely stored. In the case of speech-based tests, ∆elta preserves the original speech data, in the case of pen-based tests ∆elta saves the full user input through the connected digital pen. This allows to review patients’ performance with colleagues and avoids scoring errors due to time pressure.