ki:e SB-C

The ki:elements speech biomarker for cognition

Using speech to measure cognitive changes in clinical trials and research studies

A 10-minute phone call measures cognitive impairment automatically and remotely

Remotely or in-clinic
SB-C can be used at the patient’s home or in-person at any healthcare facility.
Fully automated or semi-automated
SB-C offers an automated bot option and a semi-automated assisted phone call option.
Over the phone or via App
SB-C integrates 3 user facing frontends: automated phone call, assisted phone call and app.
Fully integrated into third party system or standalone
SB-C can be used out-of-the-box using our Mili system or be integrated into third party systems.

V3 guided, clinically proven

Validation based on large cohorts across Europe following approved methodology from the V3 framework of the Digital Medicine Society (DiME)

Clear-cut differentiation among healthy controls, MCI and Dementia patients.
High correlation with clinical cognition rating anchors.
Strong links with AD cerebrospinal fluid markers, such as aBeta and pTau
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Check out our new validation results on remote speech biomarker for cognition (SB-C) in early Alzheimer’s disease
Tröger J, Baykara E, Zhao J, ter Huurne D, Possemis N, Mallick E, Schäfer S, Schwed L, Mina M, Linz N, Ramakers I, Ritchie C: Validation of the Remote Automated ki:e Speech Biomarker for Cognition in Mild Cognitive Impairment: Verification and Validation following DiME V3 Framework. Digit Biomark 2022;6:107-116. doi: 10.1159/000526471

Cutting-edge technology for real-world solutions

The biomarker can be deployed in any study e.g. using ki:elements mili platform

Highly scalable
Easy process, effortless integration, screening and monitoring with scalability
Low cost, high quality tool for clinical use
No installation and no smart device
Classical landline or smartphone call to patients
Non-invasive solution in comparison to blood or CSF biomarkers
7 languages and growing
SB-C is available in (1) English (including US-English, British English and Canadian English), (2) German, (3) Spanish, (4) Swedish, (5) Dutch, (6) French and (7) Catalan

A patient's view on the remote assessment

Usability study for automated and semi-automated testing over the phone

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How comfortable do you feel about completing the tasks on the phone?

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Ongoing collaborations on SB-C

We work with a number of KOLs

AuTonomy  | J&J
n~2000  –  Prodromal AD/MCI
PROSPECT AD – EPAD Scotland  | Prof. Craig Ritchie
n~300  –  Pre-clinical AD
PROSPECT AD – ADetect  | Prof. Oskar Hansson
n~250  –  Prodromal AD/MCI
PROSPECT AD – DESCRIBE  | Prof. Stefan Teipel
n~300  –  Pre-clinical AD
PROSPECT AD – Beta AARC | Prof. Juan Gispert
n~300  –  Pre-clinical AD
DAC-SP – COGSCREEN  | Prof. Robert Perneczky
n~250  –  All-comer

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