Screening for MCI

Based on the ki:e SB-C

Detecting MCI early and effectively

Screening based on a speech biomarker can be deployed to millions of people at low-cost

Based on the ki:e SB-C, a speech biomarker measuring cognition in a 10-15 minute test, Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) can be identified in a population of healthy controls or people with subjective complaints with an Area under the curve (AUC) of 0.81. The screening can be deployed via the Mili platform and integrated with other systems.

Strong scientific evidence

Based on multiple studies in memory clinics and general population

The 10-15 minute test has been shown to separate MCI from participants that are cognitively normal (healthy controls or subjective impairments) and patients with more severe impairments (dementia/major cognitive impairment). Sensitivity and specificity can be tuned to the use case by altering the cut-off.

A collection of evidence is available as a separate dossier.

Area under the curve (AUC)

StROC-AUC of 0.83 in separating people with subjective complaints and MCI.

Choose your specificity/sensitivity

PPV/1-NPV and consequences for different cut-offs in screening.

Use case: Pre-screening tool for AD studies

Pre-screening using ki:e SB-C biomarker

Using ki:e SB-C screening fro MCI will significantly reduce the number of candidates invited to sites for screening and improve successful screen-in rate.

Using the ki:e fully automated phone bot prescreening fits seamlessly into CRO screening funnels. Participants perform three speech tasks on the 15 minutes fully automated phone call. The speech is automatically analysed and based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria of the study ki:e returns referral decision (true/false) to the CRO system.

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