The Mili System

Deploying speech biomarkers into real-word applications

The bigger picture

Looking at Mili, its protagonists, and the flow of data.

Mili is a technology platform that enables the collection of speech data from participants in clinical studies and trials through multiple frontends. It integrates existing speech biomarkers and machine learning models that can be automatically applied to the collected speech data. Studies can be planned, managed and monitored by sites/sponsors through a web interface.

Mili App -
Patients doing the
assessment at home
on their mobile devices.
Mili Phone -
Patients doing the
assessment with their
landline or mobile phone.
speech biomarkers

hosted by Mili to be
plugged-in to Mili
Mili Kokpit -
Study team, sponsors and
clinicians planning
studies or checking the
status of an ongoing study.

Milis frontends

Meeting patients where they are

Mili Phone

Mili phone is a patient-facing frontend that does not require any setup or installation from the participant. It is no device, no app, no tool – it’s a simple phone call.
Mili will reach out to study participants by calling them & guiding them fully automatically trough a phone call while collecting their speech.

Listen to an example phone call for a MCI screening in a fully integrated setting (Mili integrated into study registration frontend) by clicking on the video.

Mili App

Mili App is the App frontend that can be used in in-clinic settings or by patients on their own mobile devices at home. It is design with participants in mind keeping it as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

View an example Mili App assessment for a MCI screening and get an idea about the app.

Integrating validated speech biomarkers

Plug & play speech biomarkers into your study

Validated speech biomarkers and predictive models can be integrated into Mili to enable a number of different use cases in one single platform, e.g. to (pre-)screen for MCI or to measure cognition with biomarker as an endpoint.

Compliance & data security

Ensuring secure handling of all data

Mili and all integrated ki:elements components are developed under our internal quality management system, following guidelines & principles GDPR, ISO 13485:2016, FDA 21 CFR part 11 & part 820.70 and computer system validation (CSV). 

Mili is fit for purpose to be used in highly regulated environments, like clinical drug trials.

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