The ∆elta platform allows new examination scenarios. Patients can be examined remotely via the ∆elta clinical app. This is possible either via video chat or a simple telephone call. Tests and examinations can thus also be carried out remotely in a standardized way.

New care and examination scenarios

Digital technologies are changing the way we do things. This trend does not stop at medicine and new forms of care are becoming possible. A major trend is the use of technology in telemedicine. This is about being able to carry out medical treatments and examinations independently of location and thus improve patient care.

Our software, ∆elta clinical, already supports clinical experts in the process of cognitive testing – from test administration to the final report – so that they have more time for the patient and less for time-consuming paperwork. To allow telemedical examinations, we have extended the software to include a telephony and video telephony interface. Patients can thus be tested comfortably at home and in familiar surroundings.

For the examination, the patient needs either the ∆elta home app on his tablet or smartphone to start a video conference with the examiner, or a simple telephone. The ∆elta home app can be used to display visual stimuli to the patient and to perform more complex procedures. During a simple telephone call, only speech-based procedures can be used.

  • New care scenarios

    Classical assessments that required the presence of the patient can now be performed digitally, either via video chat or telephone. Patients can thus stay at home comfortably, which saves costs and nerves for all parties involved. Even parts of studies can be carried out via telemedicine. You can find some examples here.

  • Time saving

    All the necessary material is directly at hand, so there is no need to look up in test manuals or standard tables. The patient report is generated at the touch of a button and can be exported immediately as a PDF.

  • Objectivity

    The real-time evaluation of the tests is fast and objective. At the same time, it is possible to edit the automatically calculated results. Annoying and error-prone recording during test management is no longer necessary. Thus, the entire attention can be devoted to the patient.

Ready to use

The use of ∆elta clinical facilitates cognitive testing and reduces the workload for the clinician, especially in evaluating results and writing reports. With the inclusion of telemedicine, new forms of care will become possible. For patients with severe limitations or with little technical affinity, testing via telephone call is a good option.

1. Selection

Select a single test, an existing test battery on the iPad or create your own custom test battery based on your suspected diagnosis using the ∆elta clinical app.

2. Establishing contact

Call your patient through the ∆elta clinical app either via video chat on a connected ∆elta home app or on a phone number stored in the app. Once a connection is established, both parties can get acquainted and prepare for the examination.

3. Administration

Perform the selected test or test battery together with the patient. The ∆elta clinical app guides you through the tests step by step. During this process, the patient’s speech, drawings and haptic inputs are recorded.

4. Results

The tests are automatically uploaded and analyzed. You can view the calculated results, edit them or get a second opinion from a colleague, as you can replay or view the test at any time.

5. Reporting

With one click, a report is automatically generated that describes and summarizes the test performance of a patient. This report can be individually adapted and directly exported as a PDF.

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