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Speech as a Window to Brain Health

About us

ki elements was founded in 2017 as a spin-off of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence as an interdisciplinary team of AI-experts, clinicians, software developers, and psychologists.


With ∆elta new predictive characteristics and vocal biomarkers can be extracted from existing tests. Thus ∆elta offers the possibility of effective speech-based screening and in-depth analysis of tests for dementia and other speech-influencing disorders – in the presence of the test person or remotely via ∆eltas integrated telephone interface.

Clinical diagnosis support

Δelta clinical is our CE-certified system for AI-optimized support of neuropsychological testing.

An iPad app is used to perform the tests. Δelta clinical evaluates the performed tests or test batteries in real time and provides you with the results, statistics and reports for further use.

Early detection of dementia

Early detection creates certainty. Non-invasive, low-threshold, sensitive tests should be part of an overall patient-centered diagnostic strategy. Nevertheless, early detection is often not effective in practices, partly because the barriers to entry are considered too high.
This is exactly where you can benefit from ∆elta! Concentrate fully on what is important: the care of your patients. We take care of the rest.

Award Winner Germany Land of Ideas 2019

We are an excellent place in the land of ideas 2019! 

“Imaginativeness works against stagnation”

– this was emphasized at the award ceremony of the competition Germany Land of Ideas 2019.
It was precisely this wealth of ideas that we celebrated together with the other prize winners and many guests in Berlin in May.

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