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∆elta is already used in numerous studies to carry out psychometric tests digitally. This not only saves considerable time, but also provides a large amount of new data that can be incorporated into research. An overview of previous publications that form the scientific basis of ∆elta can be found under publications.

Are you interested in using ∆elta in your study? Then you are welcome to contact us!

Study on early detection of cognitive disorders

Study on the early detection of cognitive disorders based on speech analysis. At the memory outpatient clinic in Nice, 150 patients with incipient dementia were examined with the help of ∆elta Clinical. The collected speech data were automatically processed and used to train machine learning techniques that could distinguish healthy controls from patients.

Study on the correlation of neuropsychological test procedures in healthy adults

Study with 180 students who are completing a protocol of neuropsychological examinations with ∆elta Clinical. The aim of the study is both the direct comparison of pen & paper procedures with ∆elta, as well as the investigation of correlations between different neuropsychological tests.

Study on automatic early detection of cognitive disorders over the telephone

Longitudinal study to investigate the feasibility of semi- and fully automated cognitive remote sensing based on the ∆elta platform. The focus is on the early detection of patients with subjective cognitive impairment (SCI).

There are 4 points of measurement:
After one month: Face2Face
After six months:           Call via telephone from nurse
After 12 months:         Face2Face
After 15 months:         Call by phone from ChatBot

Study on cognitive deficits in MS patients

Study of the cognitive abilities of people with MS. Saarland patients are examined with a battery of cognitive tests in the ∆elta Clinical App. A special focus is on the detection of dysexecutive syndrome by automatic analysis of verbal fluency tasks.

H70 Longitudinal population study

Longitudinal population study with about 800 people in Gothenburg, Sweden. Part of the study is a one-hour cognitive test protocol which is being conducted since 2019 with ∆elta Clinical. Some 400 patients have already been included.

Randomised double-arm study in dementia patients

Randomised double-arm study on 200 dementia patients with two objectives: (1) Comparison of paper & pen and ∆elta Clinical using the example of the CERAD battery with 3 months between the two measurements. (2) Use of new speech biomarkers for earlier detection of Alzheimer's dementia.

Study for the differential diagnosis of depression dementia

Study of depressive patients for the differential diagnosis between dementia and depression. A protocol of speech tasks and cognitive tests is performed with ∆elta Clinical.

Study on cognitive impairment in heart surgery

Examination of about 80 patients before and after heart surgery to measure changes in cognitive performance.

Multi-center normation study

In order to create a larger standard population for the tests in ∆elta ki elements is planning a multi-centre study to include healthy volunteers.

You want to conduct a study with ∆elta?

You are welcome to contact us already in the planning or application phase of a study. We will advise you free of charge as to which test procedures are best suited for your study. The implementation of new methods is also possible.

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