Platform for digital diagnostics and therapy
of cognitive disorders


Δelta is a platform that supports the execution and automatic evaluation of psychometric tests by AI algorithms.

The platform includes a number of user interfaces that are aimed at a large number of users and support different use cases. These include:

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∆elta clinical

The expert iPad app for diagnostic support of neurological and psychiatric brain disorders. It allows psychometric tests to be easily performed and evaluated digitally. For example, supporting the early detection of dementia.

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∆elta home

The patient app as counterpart to the expert app. This allows patients to easily perform cognitive training at home. Therapists can view the results in the ∆elta clinical app and configure training plans.


Tried and tested diagnostic procedures digitalised throughout

As a platform for modern neuropsychological assessment, Δelta represents a broad spectrum of classical neurological test procedures including all procedural steps.

Automatic, AI-supported test evaluation up to the finished report

The evaluation of the tests benefits from state-of-the-art AI algorithms and provides a clinical decision-making aid: Speech analysis eliminates the need for tedious note-taking, results are automatically calculated, visualized and compiled in a report.

Paperless, transparent data management

All relevant data is safely stored in one place. Test data is accessible and replicable over the time of the test itself. Looking or listening again has never been easier. Different evidence can be easily compared with each other.

Increased productivity

Within a few clicks, Δelta replaces individual tasks and process steps such as the tedious reference in test manuals or recurring documentation activities. This creates valuable freedom for diagnostics and the patients themselves.


Diagnostics and therapy

As a fast and mobile tool for cognitive assessment and as a digital diagnostic platform solution, ∆elta replaces traditional pen and paper tests and meets the specific challenges that everyday hospital life poses to its players.

∆elta has been developed especially for use by neurologists, psychologists and psychiatrists, saving you time and money and ensuring consistently high quality.


The Δelta platform is ideally suited for use in (clinical) studies.

By using the ∆elta clinical app to perform cognitive testing, for example, study-specific test protocols can be defined or the evaluation of other parameters relevant to your research project can be analyzed automatically.

Speech-based tests can also be performed remotely directly via the telephone interface integrated in ∆elta clinical.

Drug development

How do I find volunteers for my study who meet all inclusion criteria? This is often a lengthy and extremely costly task.

By using the ∆elta platform for study inclusion, fewer personal visits are necessary. Pre-screenings for study inclusion can be performed remotely. The platform also offers new clinically proven digital biomarkers and experimental endpoints for data analysis.


Δelta is more than just an app for digitizing cognitive tests to bring them from paper to the iPad. Behind the analyses are years of research and the knowledge of scientists and experts from the fields of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, neurology and psychology.

Read the research literature that forms the scientific basis of Δelta.

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