What is it?
AI-empowered speech analysis for neurological/psychological diagnosis support.
The next-generation tool for clinicians working on cognitive tests for dementia patients.
Cutting-edge artificial intelligence and computational linguistics technologies.
We have named it “Δelta”!
Δelta records
Δelta records and saves speech data and synchronises it with your CIS. This allows you to easily re-listen to patients and empowers your professional decisions.
Δelta transcribes
Δelta automatically transcribes answers from cognitive speech tests to keep your attention free for the most important thing: your work with the patient.
Δelta analyses
Δelta leverages AI and computational linguistics to extract and analyse powerful scientific metrics from patients’ answers.
Δelta charts
Δelta gives you comprehensive insight by visualising the extracted metrics. Combined with population cut-off values, this visualisation helps to enrich your professional impression.
Δelta reports
Δelta compiles your test analyses, visualisations and your interpretation / diagnosis into a digital report formatted to your clinic’s guidelines.
What will your Δelta look like?
Contact us today and we will create your personal Δelta experience.